2020 Holiday Gift Guide!

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The Kitchen Brigade

For our holiday guide, we've streamlined our offering to make it easier to match your person to the perfect gift this year (that person may or may not be yourself).


This guide is based on the classic Kitchen Brigade system. Created in France at the Hotel Ritz by legendary Chef August Escoffier, it mimics the organization of a military unit.

The Chef's title matches to their skill level to help you find exactly what you need for your kitchen arsenal.

Chef de Commis Gifts

Chef de Commis is where you start. Bright eyed and bushy tailed, this position is for young cooks and fresh culinary school graduates. You're in charge of peeling potatoes and dicing onions. Here we have the right tools to start your culinary journey. Say good bye to your cheap mass-retailer knife with a plastic handle: welcome to your first serious knife.

If you love to cook at home and looking for the basic necessities to upgrade your knife work and bring some finesse into your kitchen: these are the knives and items for you!

Start with our classic Gyuto, our best selling knife and a staple in any kitchen. These options are all approachable for any skill level.

Chef de Partie Gifts

Chef de Partie is your next level, sometimes specialized, Chef de Partie is the master of the kitchen line. In the trenches, you're searing, grilling, making sauces (unless you work in a Michelin-starred kitchen with a dedicated saucier). You're dedicated to making sure your food will pass muster with the Sous Chef. You don't need fluff, you need the core tools to upgrade your gear. 

Up your game to the next level with these tools. These options will complement your budding knife roll and become your new favorites. 

Chef de Patisserie Gifts

Chef de Pâtissière is everyone's favorite master of confectionery. At Forge To Table, we come from small kitchen teams. For this bunch of tools, we're lumping together pastry chefs, bakers, and chocolatiers in one ultimate knife roll for the Pâtissière. These champions of the sweet tooth are working with fresh fruits, doughs, icing, and chocolate.

If you focus your cooking skills on baking and desserts. these are the tools for you!

Sous Chef Gifts

Oui Chef! Sous chef is the number two in command. If you're shopping for your Sous, they or you, are probably a professional culinarian. You've already got your basic tools but you want, no, need something more refined and specialized.

You already know what tool you're looking for, but here are our recommendations based on what our community of industry champs love most!

Executive Chef Gifts

You are the boss. You're the top dog of your kitchen and any kitchen you walk into. You're not buying your first knife, and you're certainly not buying your last knife. You demand excellence in your tools. These are our professional cutlery for world class chefs.

Here are some the favorites of Forge To Table's founder and designer, Noah Rosen, who wanted the perfect blade for every task. These blades are for the person who proudly displays their knives on the wall and doesn't shy away from something unique or unusual.

Don't forget to add a leather saya to your knives for the perfect protective upgrade!

Wishing Everyone a very happy holiday season in good health with your loved ones! - Forge To Table Team

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