Built for the bread baker with a heart of a warrior! A unique set of improvements on a classic tool. This is NOT a bench scarper, this tool is made by bladesmiths. It is ready to portion dough of course, but then give it a chance to shine when chopping nuts, fruit, or chocolate for any application. 


These sharpened Bench Knives are the real deal, forged in the same style as our cleavers, these blades are perfect for your basics such as scraping down boards and excelling at portioning dough from their sharp edge. But they don't stop there. Use this knife, and we mean knife, to cut, slice, and dice. The edge is capable of much more than any simple baking tool. A solid wood handle, a full-tang setting, and a slab of hardened forged-steel give you a tool that has more uses than any simple bakers tool.   


Excellent for dividing dough, cleaning a work surface, cutting brownies/bars, smoothing icing on a cake, cutting fresh pasta, rough chopping herbs, and much more! You can even take advantage of the edge to dice tuna or steak for tartar.  


Choose the Bench Knife if you are looking for a serious unique tool that fuses a cleaver and a bench knife for power and finesse in a kitchen. 

Bench Knife


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