For this special blade, we went back to the roots of our forge. Alex Zheng's grandfather first started the forge nearly 100 years ago with his version of the classic Chinese chef's cleaver. The classic cleaver is (still) the most widely used knife across China. Now, with Zheng's heritage and craftsmanship, combined with features to better suit the modern American chef; we are proud to present our Classic Cleaver. 


Unlike European cleavers, a Chinese cleaver of this style is crafted for balance and performance akin to a Chef's knife than a heavy butcher’s cleaver. Prepare to be astounded while this beastly-looking blade finely minces and dices while remaining comfortable to use for an entire kitchen shift. 


The subtle curvature of the blade also allows for smooth transitions from dicing to rocking-chopping.  For durability, this blade's tang runs through the entire length of the handle. The even weight distribution puts the power where you need it for any chopping task across the entire edge. 


Also called a: Chukabocho, Cai Dao (although ours is slightly heavier)

Classic Cleaver

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  • Knife Specs

    Weight: 470g
    Blade Length:175mm
    Blade height at heel: 89mm
    Spine thickness: 3.95mm
    Handle Length: 115mm

  • Style and Steel

    The blade is forged from German 4166 Steel to an HRC of 58 for solid edge retention and serious staying power!