Keep your tools at their peak with the Forge To Table sharpening system. 

You can sharpen a Forge To Table knife on any system due to our high carbon levels but for the premier edge maintenance and blade care, whetstones are the best option. 

Save money on stone oil with the more traditional Japanese waterstone! 

Our 1000/3000 dual whetstone allows you to easily remove chips or damage sustained in the line of duty on the 1000 grit, and put a perfect new edge on and polish with the 3000 stone for that like-new finish. 

In addition, keep your angle in line with our angel guides! A perfect 17 and 20 degree. (The smaller guide is for the 20 degree, German style angle). Simply clip to the back of your knife and get to work sharpening. Lastly, level out the stone to get it sharpening evenly with the included leveler tool. 



Sharpening System