Get the three core original blades of Forge To Table!


6" Petty Utility Knife

     Known as the laser, this small blade is precise, nimble, and agile. Perfect for everyday cooking, it is small enough to be comfortable in any space or hand but efficient at detailed work or a whole meal for one.


8" Gyuto Chef Knife

     The flagship knife of Forge To Table. No kitchen or knife kit is complete without a well-rounded chef knife, capable of any task. Balanced for a smooth nimble performance with true elegance and precision. The best all-around knife with great edge retention and performance to become your new go-to chef knife. 


10" Sujihiki Slicer

     Large and in-charge, this slicer is great for filleting, carving, or large tasks. From shaving a Spanish Jamon to breaking down a watermelon. Wow your guests at dinner parties slicing through a turkey with ease or simply slicing a tender roast fresh out of the oven. 


All our blades feature

  • 5 layer Sanmai Japanese VG10 High Carbon Stainless Steel.

  • Octagonal Rosewood handle, comfortable in any size hand, lefty or righty. Offering superior grip without compromising comfort. 

  • The Ox horn ferrule is local-to-the-forge and sustainably sourced from independent farmers. 

  • High strength polymer binding. 

  • Hand-forged, hand-polished, hand-sharpened. 

  • Kurouchi blacksmith finish

The Core Combo

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  • Care Instruction

    Wash well before first use. Hand wash only, as any loved knife should be! Wash in hot, soapy water and dry pomptly. Avoid high heat, bone, ice, or other materials that may chip the blade. Hone regularly. Sharpen often to get the best cut every time.


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