This 10 inch slicer is perfect for steaks, roasts, and anything large! Flexible enough to fillet large fish, yet firm enough to slice and carve large roasts! Glide through your cuts without tearing with a sharp slicer. 


Versatile, even capable of slicing sashimi, the 10” length is still comfortable and nimble yet large enough to tackle bigger tasks and perform like a sword of the kitchen.


  • 5 layer Sanmai Japanese VG10 High Carbon Stainless Steel.

  • Octagonal Rosewood handle, comfortable in any size hand, lefty or righty. Offering superior grip without compromising comfort. 

  • The Ox horn ferrule is local-to-the-forge and sustainably sourced from independent farmers. 

  • High strength polymer binding. 

  • Hand forged, hand polished, hand sharpened. 

  • Kurouchi blacksmith finish

10" Sujihiki (Slicing/Filleting) Knife

Add a Saya!
  • Add the Leather Saya for supreme protection!

    Save 25% when you add a saya with your knife purchase! 

  • Choose our Sujihiki Slicing Knife If:

    You love to be the host, at the BBQ and at Thanksgiving to carve it up.
    You breakdown your own fresh catch.
    You want to try your hand preparing sushi or slicing lox.

  • Knife Specs

    Blade Length: 253mm
    Handle Length: 135mm
    Overall Length: 388mm
    Height(at heel): 33mm
    Thickness(at heel): 2.4mm
    Weight: 130g
    Hardness: 59-62HRC

  • Style and Steel

    Japanese VG10 steel is prized for the mix of edge retention coupled with the ease of sharpening derived from the above-average carbon amounts without being sensitive to high acid foods. The SanMai process then layers the VG10 with softer cladding steel to protect the blade for years of sharpening and use. 

    The "kurouchi", or blacksmith finish, is the signature of our forge in Southeast China, a trait learned from the blacksmiths of Seki Japan. By laminating the exterior of the blade in the charred carbon we add not only a protective layer, but increase the food release and of course add that signature look!

  • Care Instructions

    Wash well before first use. Hand wash only, as any loved knife should be! Wash in hot, soapy water and dry promptly. Avoid high heat, bone, ice, or other materials that may chip the blade. Hone and sharpen regularly to get the best cut every time.