Confit Turkey

This amazing melt in your mouth turkey preparation can be done far in advance and offers a new twist on turkey preparation that will find a way into dozens of new recipes.



  • ⅓ C kosher salt

  • 2 t Juniper Berries

  • 3 sprigs thyme

  • 6 cloves

  • 2 bay leaves

  • 2 t ground ginger

  • 2 t cinnamon

  • 6 cloves garlic

  • 2 shallots


  • 1 16-20 lb turkey

  • 96 oz duck, turkey, or chicken fat (rendered)

  • 2 white onions

  • 10 unpeeled cloves of garlic


- Using a FTT boning or petty knife, break down the turkey into breast, thigh, leg, and wing pieces. Reserve gizzards(use for stock or gravy).

For the cure:

- Finely mince shallots and garlic.

- Toast and grind spices, but not the salt.

- Combine all spices, salt, shallots, and garlic.

- Evenly massage onto turkey.

- Refrigerate, covered, overnight(for 8-20 hours).

To Confit:

- Preheat oven to convection 225 degrees F.

- Wipe off excessive spice blend (rinse for less salty finished product).

- Lay turkey, skin side up, in a wide pan (hotel pan or wide, shallow pot).

- Peel and cut onion into quarters and scatter into pan with turkey.

- Crush garlic cloves, scatter into pan.

- Melt fat and pour over the turkey and vegetables until fully immersed. Cut fat with vegetable oil if more is needed.

- Braise in the oven, covered in foil, at 225 degrees for about 4 to 6 hours. Once turkey is at 165 degrees internally, it can be served, the longer it is braised, the more easily it will shred.

Chef's Notes

- Use turkey in whole pieces or shred for mac & cheese, omelets, sandwiches, soup, or salads.

- You can store your turkey in the fat, melt away and heat through fully when ready to use. Be sure the save the fat and reuse, even cook your eggs in it!


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