Get the knives most loved by Forge To Table's Professional Chef users!

And save over $75 when you bundle!


  • 8" Gyuto Chef Knife
    • Leather Saya
  • 6" Petty Knife
    • Leather Saya
  • 7" Boning Knife
    • 7" Boning Saya
  • 7" Nakiri Vegetable Knife
    • 7" Nakiri Saya
  • Kitchen Shears


Professionals know that it takes the right tools to get the job done right. Equip yourself with the knives most loved by our Industry Pro clients.


Start with old faithful, our OG 8" Gyuto Chef Knife, add a leather saya, a must for bringing your knife to the restaurant, camping, or for travel. Follow that with the go to line knife, the 6" Petty, laser sharp and nimble for every garnish and prep on the fly. Of course add the leather saya.

Next, get specialized. We add in the Boning knife and Nakiri knife. Whether its breaking down whole hogs or dicing up a stir fry, have the specialized knives that cut right to the taste they were crafted for. 

Lastly add the multi-tool kitchen shears. From peeling veggies to spatchcocking chicken or even just opening a beer and snipping some herbs, these are the go to all in one combo for efficiency and ease in all your tasks.  


Bundle and save and get everything you need fo your knife kit or kitchen. 



The Pro Set

  • Wash well before first use. Hand wash only, as any loved knife should be! Wash in hot, soapy water and dry pomptly. Avoid high heat, bone, ice, or other materials that may chip the blade. Hone regularly. Sharpen often to get the best cut every time.


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