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Updated: Jan 29

DonBuri is a Japanese rice bowl dish. Consisting of pretty much whatever the chef has in mind, this recipe came to me in a craving. The quick pickled veggies give a great acidic touch with the runny egg yolk soaking into the rice and of course topping it with rich duck confit.

The core concepts of a DonBuri bowl can be applied to make any great meal with veggies, rice, and protein. I always recommend a fried egg to top it.


4 oz Green Curry Duck Confit (recipe below)

1 ea Scallion

¼ ea Carrot

¼ ea Cucumber

1 ea Radish

1 oz Snow pea

1 oz Sweet potato

1 ea baby Bok choy

1 egg

⅓ Lime

⅓ C seasoned rice wine vinegar

½ C Sushi Rice

⅓ C Rice Wine Vinegar

Mise En Place


Duck Confit: Prepare a green curry blend to your liking. Add 1 oz of salt per duck leg. Rub evenly on duck. Marinate in fridge for 8-16 hours. Wipe off excess cure. Braise duck, submerged in duck fat, for 3 hours at 225 degrees. Allow duck to cool, shred duck to medium pieces. Reserve for later.

Slice'n Radishes

Make sticky rice using sushi rice, water and regular rice vinegar following rice cooker instructions.

Prepare vegetables: Slice cucumber, radish, and carrot. Quick pickle in seasoned rice wine vinegar. Blanch and slice(on a bias) the snow peas. Slice and grill sweet potato and bok choy. Slice scallions and wedge of lime for garnish. When ready to plate, fry egg sunny side up and runny.

Building the bowl: First lay warm rice into bowl. Then top with warm duck. Then in a clockwise rotation lay on vegetables. Top with runny egg and garnish with scallions and lime. If desired, shake over some sesame seeds. Enjoy with gochujang hot sauce or soy sauce to preference.

Don Buri Bowl


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