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The Forge To Table Diamond Honing Rod is the perfect accessory for those chefs and cooks who use knives like an author with a pencil. This sleek honing rod aligns your blade on a microscopic level and keeps any knife at peak sharpness use after use. This helps the knife stay sharp and reduces the need for heavy-duty sharpening on a whetstone. The proof is in the feeling!


This accessory is great for maintaining straight bladed tools such as 8” Gyuto, 10” Sujihiki Slicer, 8” Kiritsuke Damascus Gyuto, 7-in-1 Kitchen Shears, Boning Knife and much more! Not recommended for Serrated Knives.  


This makes an excellent gift for those who love pampering their knives or use them consistently on a daily basis. Stay sharp!

Diamond Honing Rod

  • Design Specs

    42.5 cm total length
    27 cm long diamond honing surface
    12 cm long handle 

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