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Our Flagship Knife. Hand Crafted For The Perfect Kitchen Experience

8" Gyuto (Japanese Style) Chef's Knife

A one-of-a-kind knife for kitchen professionals and aspiring chefs. Toss out that old dull knife and work with the tool you've earned. 

The perfect all in one

Our Gyuto is balanced along the entire length for comfort and grace. The octagonal handle offers supreme grip no matter the situation or ingredients. Over time, the octagonal rosewood handle conforms to the user's grip, creating a truly one-of-a-kind knife.

Gyuto with lemons

True to Japanese and Asian style

Our knives are low in weight for supreme control with precision knife cuts. At a 17°, a tighter angle than a German knife, the blade glides through ingredients with ease. The high carbon steel allows for easy sharpening with precise edges. 

5 layer Japanese VG10 High Carbon 

The VG10 steel is more resilient than full carbon steel, yet it sharpens with ease, allowing a finer edge. The durability of VG10 steel prevents dulling and rusting.

Ox horn ferrule.
Rose wood handle.
Not mass produced.
Hand forged. 

The "kurouchi", or blacksmith finish, is the signature of our forge in Southeast China. By laminating the blade in carbon it protects the core steel from the elements and adds the stunning look.


I was a professional cook for years and this is one of the best knives I've ever owned. Exceptional quality, showed up before I expected it, and is sharp enough to shave with. Would 100% recommend.

Taylor Osborn

Etsy. Apr 27, 2020

This knife was part of a Father's Day gift for my husband. He already had, and loves, his bread knife. So I decided to add to his collection. The knives come in gorgeous packaging for gift giving. They arrived quickly and in perfect condition. They are beautiful to look at, and work beautifully, too.

Nicole Heathcock

Etsy, Jun 22, 2020

Beautiful, just beautiful! A work of art and so sharp and functional. Cuts like a dream! Received my Order quickly and i couldn’t be happier! Thank you so much!


Etsy, Jun 19, 2020

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