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Sharp Scholars:
Knife Scholarships for Future Chefs

As former culinary students and lifelong foodies, we at Forge To Table want to ensure anyone starting their career or academics in the food industry has the tools they need. We'll be awarding as many knives as we can to chefs in need each month. Each scholarship recipient will receive: 

  • One Gyuto Chef Knife and Sharpening System

  • $50 Gift card to


Applications will be open for one week every month.  

Apply Now

Thank you for applying! Applications are limited to once per calendar year!

Thanks for submitting! We'll be contacting our scholarship recipients soon!

By agreeing to terms and conditions you agree that all information provided is truthful to the best of your knowledge and you are excited a chance to receive a great knife to serve you in your career. Should you win a scholarship from Forge To Table you also consent to have your first name used in official @ForgeToTable social media communications acknowledging winners. 

8" Gyuto knife
7" Bunka Chef Knife
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