Forged by pressing 67 layers of metal into one knife, Damascus steel creates the finest blades available for professional or home use. These tools are meant for those who forge their passion and craft into everything they cook. Feel the difference and craft your cooking to a new level!


The Forge To Table Damascus Executive Bundle includes 

  • Embroidered Cayson Denim Crossback Apron

  • 8" Kiritsuke Damascus Gyuto

  • 5" Kiritsuke Damascus Petty

  • Plating Spoon Set

  • Sharpening System


Our bundles are designed to save even more on our already affordable line of knives, accessories, and apparel, now all in one purchase! 


This curated Damascus Executive Bundle features:

  • 100% Cotton Crossback apron is a Denim Bib Apron available in stylish black denim. The highly customized apron features a large upper pocket with several compartments, 2 front pockets, convenient towel loop, and front split for ease of movement. 

  • Kiritsuke Damascus knives made with 67 layer 10CR15MOV Japanese steel to form the gorgeous watered pattern. With beauty comes strength as the hardened blades will hold their razor edge against the intense demands of a professional or home kitchen.

  • Hand forged, hand polished, and hand sharpened. 

  • High-end plating spoons perfect for any cook or chef who believes in the art of the plate. Excellent for swiping sauces, plating purees, quenelles for ice cream/whipped cream, placing components, stirring, quick tasting, and much more!

  • Sharpening system keeps knives sharp and polished use after use. 1000/3000 dual whetstone allows easy removal of chips or damage on any knife. In addition, our angle guides make it easy to get a consistent sharpening!

Damascus Executive Bundle

$548.00 Regular Price
$445.00Sale Price
  • Care Instruction

    Wash well before first use. Hand wash only, as any loved knife should be! Wash in hot, soapy water and dry pomptly. Avoid high heat, bone, ice, or other materials that may chip the blade. Hone regularly. Sharpen often to get the best cut every time.

  • Style

    The shape of this blade is a Japanese-style Kiritsuke. Kiritsuke refers to the K-tip point and a flatter blade profile for sword-like performance in chopping and slicing.  Classically a single bevel, we sharpen ours on a universal 50/50 bevel, sharp on both sides, and ideal for left and right handed chefs. Ambidextrous chefs will receive a +2 on their speed stat. The return at the heel of the blade increases the cutting edge length and gives a second razor edge tip for that perfect cut.