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Forge To Table vs Competition

See how the Forge To Table knives stack up against others.

Forge To Table 8" Gyuto

MSRP $75.00

Handmade. 5 layers of steel

Wusthof 8" Chef Knife

MSRP $137.00

Factory made, printed

Single layer steel

Forge To Table 8" Gyuto

MSRP $75.00

Balanced steel, rust resistant, resists chips, holds edge, sharpens easily

Hinoura Tamashii W#2 8" Gyuto

MSRP $350.00

Rusts easily, chips easily. Soft steel dulls easily.

Forge To Table 8" Gyuto

MSRP $75.00

5 layer VG10, handmade, individually inspected

Shun Classic Chef Knife 7"

MSRP $182.00

Single layer VG10

Factory Made


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