Frequently asked questions

Where are the knives made?

Our forge is in far Southern China, where every knife is handcrafted by the Zheng family and checked for quality. Alex, the head of the forge and third generation knife maker is from a small fishing village about 8 hours south of Hong Kong. Read more about it here.

When will my knife ship and how long will it take?

Shipping varies for the location. We pack and fulfill orders Monday to Friday. All orders placed before 12pm PST ship same day! Shipping within the US For orders under 3lbs, they will ship via UPS and take about 3-6 days. Over 3lbs (2 knives plus sayas), they will ship via USPS Express and take 1-3 Days.

What materials do you use?

We source our steel from Japan, using the Takefu Japanese VG10 Steel which is layered with nickle and softer coating steel for the best edge retention and durability. The handles feature rosewood and ox horn which is sustainably sourced locally to the forge. Ox horn shed naturally from oxen and offer far superior durability than plastic. Rosewood, along with looking great, holds its shape well. Where a plastic ferrule will loosen over time, Ox Horn stays snug to the handle for many many years. The signature pine boxes are all toasted and hand signed at the forge.

How long with my knife last?

With proper care and maintenance a Forge To Table knife will last you hundreds of fantastic meals.

Can I put it in the dishwasher?

NO. Never machine wash a quality knife! It will damage the handle, rust the blade, and void the warranty. Always hand wash with care.

Will it make me a better cook?

The best ingredients and the proper tools lead to the best meals!

Is it left or right handed?

All our knives, thanks to the octagonal handle, are perfect for left or right-handed use.

How should I store my knife?

Store in the original box or in a cushioned knife drawer/box. Storing loose in a drawer could lead to injury or dulling of the blade.

Is there anything I can't cut with my knife?

Avoid cutting humans and hard objects like ice, bones, or frozen food--it could chip the blade.

How often should I sharpen my knife?

Sharpen as needed and hone regularly. The amount of use will determine sharpening needs. DO NOT USE electric sharpeners, they abuse the blades. Stay tuned for new Forge To Table sharpening systems.

How should I clean my knife?

Wash your knife before first use. They come fresh from the forge with mineral oil on them. After every use, hand wash in warm soapy water and dry immediately.

What is the return policy? How long is the warranty?

We stand behind our knives, you have 30 days to return your knife or work with us to make sure you are satisfied. If your knife arrives damaged, we completely cover return shipping and replacement. Knives also have a one-year limited warranty against any breakage from reasonable use and proper treatment. We are also happy to consult on the best way to care for your knife, just reach out to our customer service (Our founder, Noah Rosen, is always around to answer questions).