Craig Strong

Chef/Owner Ocean at Main

Michelin-starred Chef Strong is one of Orange County California's best chefs! His restaurant is a favorite of the FTT team and he and his whole team love their Forge To Table blades, stones, and shears! 

Kathy Casey

Chef/Owner of Kathy Casey Liquid Kitchen Food Studios, Lucky Louie, Re'lish, and many more

Power house Chef and pillar of the Seattle food scene, Chef Kathy Casey and her team all love FTT blades for use in her events around the globe and in their own kitchens. 

Constantine Kalandranis

Chef/Owner 8North Broadway

"Thin uniform blade that is easy to sharpen. All handmade and signed by the artist. You can get some really great slices, a perfect test is thin ribbons out of arugula or basil. You get a great cut. Huge fan"

Jonathan Scinto

Jonathan Scinto is a Chef and TV Personality from Long Island, N.Y. Chef J uses his skills and personality to give back to Long Island while working world class events and competing(and winning) in national competitions!

Rob Lucier

Master Butcher, Teacher Extrordinair

Chef Lucier is a mentor of mine and a master with a blade in his hands. He has been breaking down some of New England's best cuts of meat from New England's best farmers. All the while teaching the next generation of cooks and chefs at Johnson & Wales Providence. 

Mary Dumont

Boston Chef of the Year 2017

Former Best Chef 2017 (Boston Eater), Chef Mary loves her Gyuto when she cooks for family with ingredients fresh from the garden. 

Romain Littiere 

Pastry Chef of Hotel 1K Paris

Chef Romain has been a long time FTT user and was the first Chef to get his hands on a FTT custom blade! He uses his in his stunning pastry creations at the Peruvian restaurant in Paris France. 

Tom Standridge

Executive Chef, Second Set Bistro

Chef Tom has brought his FTT knives with him across his time at some of the best restaurants in the West. He and his team keep all their blades sharp with the FTT sharpening system. 

Cameron Sycks

Sous Chef at The Dabney DC

Chef Sycks is a rising star Chef of the DC area rocking his FTT blades at the Dabney, that Michelin says "teems with exciting culinary gems" and we agree! 

Meet some of the Prolific Superstar Chefs who Love Forge To Table! 

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